An Overview of Rose Perfumes for Women

There are several flower fragrances that are used in perfumes. In spite of this, there is no fragrance that can compare to the smell of rose which is the queen of flowers. Roses are known not only for their beauty but also for their delicate scent and fragrant oils. Just so you know rose oil is one of the valuable ingredients in most perfumes used in the design of women perfumes. They are feminine and classy hence a personal favorite for most women.

In order to help you familiarize yourself with rose perfumes for women, below is an overview of some of the top choices. They include: –

  1. Paul smith Rose: – it is a fresh floral fragrance for women which was launched in 2007. It stands out from the rest for the simple fact that it comes with a blend of different scents such as Turkish rose oil, green tea coupled with a light sparkling smell of magnolia and violet flowers. Simply put, it is a great summer fragrance.
  1. Yardley English rose – it is by far one of the most popular option from the Yardley brand. Characteristic of its own unique blend of timelessness, it has been enchanting women around the world for generations. If you are the type of person who loves smooth and refreshing feeling then it would work magic when you apply it.
  1. Stella rose absolute: it was launched by the design house of Stella McCartney back in 2005. Everything taken into consideration, there is absolutely no denying that it is by far one of the best luxurious and sophisticated perfumes for women. In fact, it is one of the best rose perfume hands down.
  1. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’eau perfume – designed by perfumer Serge Kalouguine, it belongs to the floral fragrances group. It is equally worth noting that it was launched in 1983 and that it is a totally natural rose infused scent that is characteristic of notes of black currant leaf and Bulgarian rose. It is also one of the most popular summer scents besides being popular amongst both men and women.
  1. Cree Fleur de the rose bulgare – it is a sophisticated fragrance made from the rarest Bulgarian roseand hence it does not come cheap. It is also important to note that it is a long lasting perfume that belongs to the floral green fragrance group. It stands out from the rest for the simple fact that it is refreshing and classy something which most women find extremely hard to resist.
  1. Woods of Windsor true rose – it belongs to the floral fragrance group and was launched in 2002. It is a cool, fresh and calming pink rose fragrance with notes of crisp green leaves a chamomile encasing. Interesting ting which makes it stand out is the base comes in sensual aromatic wood, musk and regal iris.

Everything taken into consideration, it is important to understand the fact that wearing tea rose perfume is one sure way to exude classiness and romance.

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