Essential Tips for when you are Choosing Perfume Bottles

In case you have a lot of experience on matters linked to the cosmetic world, then chances are, you can easily identify the age old adage that your product is only as good as its packaging. For instance, you may have a perfume that has a winning fragrance, however, if you do not sell it in the right bottle, you will never realize enough sales. Fortunately for you, you can now save yourself the trough of all that by simply adhering to some simply rules. Below is an overview of some of the tested tips which serve as a guarantee to help make sure that you get it right when it comes to matters touching on the perfume bottles.

First off, the design of the perfume bottle must be targeted at the market segment which you are interested in. For instance, a perfume bottle design that is meant to target college girls will most definitely not appeal if it is used to package perfume that is meant for men with active sports life. the best thing to do is to work closely with an experienced and professional marketing consultant who will allow you to select the best perfume bottle deign with the potential to help you attract and retain a faithful and loyal customer base for your product.

Secondly, it is very important to always keep in mind the fact that the size of the perfume bottle will matter a lot especially when it comes to selecting the best designs. for instance, assuming the perfume you specialize in making is intended for women who need to carry a fragrance in their handbags then you are advised to go for something dainty and snug enough to sneak even inside a regular clutch bag. In case you are targeting your product for beauticians or salonists then it is strongly advised that you go or a bottle size that is large enough for purpose without necessarily compromising its elegance.

it is important to understand the fact that the amount of money which you will most likely end up spending on perfume bottles will be higher than the cost of ingredients you will require to formulate the perfume itself. As such, it goes without say that you should carefully budget for the perfume bottles way in advance. This is very important since it can be very frustrating to try and fit in the cheapest available bottles for a decidedly high quality perfume. The end result will be you making fewer sales than anticipated or than you actually deserved.

As a professional perfumer or better yet as a cosmetic stockiest, it is wise for you to always be on the lookout for easy ways to cut down on your budget. Factoring in the increased competition, feel free to go out of your way and take advantage of well priced wholesale perfumes bottles. Doing so is highly encouraged since it will enable you to sell fragrances at prices which you competitors will find extremely hard to beat.

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