Estee Lauder Beautiful and Pleasure Perfumes

When we talk about Estee lauder, the first thing which comes in mind is simplicity coupled with elegance. Just so you know Estee Lauder was the co-founder of Estee lauder companies. She started the company together with the husband Joseph lauder back in 1946. Born on July 1st 1906 in corona queens, Newyork, she managed to be the only woman to be featured in the time magazine’s list of influential business geniuses of the 20th century. This simply serves to speak a lot of her success in the fashion industry.

Estee lauder has several colognes for men. Examples include the pleasures perfume, intuition and beyond paradise. These colognes have for a long time been extremely popular amongst men and still are to date. You will also be glad to learn that they are readily available in fragrance stores online at discounted prices.

Estee lauder to date has a total of 56 perfumes under that one brand. The first perfume was released back in 1953 and was called the youth dew for women. You will be glad to learn that this particular perfume to-date is still available on the Estee lauder website as well as in several others perfume websites. You will be glad to learn that this perfume has also been well accepted today mainly because of its sensuous which brings out the sensual side of the woman. In addition to the above, the fragrance is long lasting. Take note, even though it is a strong perfume, it is also quite pleasant for it represents elegance and sexiness at the same time.

Another great Estee lauder perfume is the Azuree pure for women which were released in 1969. Word is, Mrs. Estee lauder created this perfume as she enjoyed the beauty of the Mediterranean. What makes this perfume stand out is the fact that it is characteristic of a fresh fragrance of basil, rose, moss, amber and jasmine. In fact, it is one of the original Estee lauder creations which clearly showcases creativity and talent in the field of perfume.

Estee lauder launched yet another beautiful perfume fragrance in 1986. This one featured a romantic bouquet of a thousand flowers combined with citrus and woody scents. This perfume serves as a guarantee to have you smelling elegant and feminine. It also has several other versions which have been released in recent times. Taking into consideration all of the above, there is no way this perfume can be labeled as old fashioned as it is a classic.  The beautiful series has always featured as a top selling perfume for several decades. Even though the recent beautiful perfumes are very light and slightly softer compared to the original, they still carry the essence of the original beautiful perfume. These fragrances are great for special occasions as well as everyday wear.

Pleasures perfume was launched in 1996 and was specifically meant to suit every woman while at the same reflecting the desires of modern women to experience life’s pleasures. This perfume as sine its launch enjoyed a lot of success having received endorsements from high profiled personalities.

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