Floral Perfumes Vs Musk Perfumes

Looking back, I can still remember making frequent trips to the department stores together with my mother; I can still remember us stopping by different perfume counters to try out the latest perfume releases. I have to admit, just like several other women, my mother had a soft spot for fragrances. In fact, I can still remember her asking the sales assistants about the best perfumes for women which may have been just released.  I can also still remember that in most cases the ones which were recommended were mainly floral perfumes and my mom would always end up walking away with free samples to try out later.

One thing I have noted over the years growing up as a perfume enthusiast is that almost every woman likes floral perfume, ranging from light florals to medium bodied and even the heavy ones. In fact older women have a tendency to settle for the heavier blends which contain lots of rose and jasmine notes while younger women have a high preference for florals. A look at the perfume bottles on most women’s dressing table will reveal that a large percentage of the fragrances lean much towards the floral genre.

Musk perfumes on the other hand are available in two main varieties: The airy and clean smelling types and then the deep spicy ones. It is important to note that the clean smelling types are much vogue with corporate type professionals. Another interesting thing about these perfumes is the fact that they are very popular right across the different age groups. Over the past 15 years as well, musk perfumes have become a really big seller for some of the largest perfume houses most of which have created the best selling unisex perfumes of all time. Calvin Klein is a perfect example of a well established perfume brand that features generous amounts of clean musk notes in their perfumes. In addition to the above, it is very important to note that deep musk type perfumes tend to contain spicy as well as exotic note.

Just so you know, these type of musk perfume often contain woody and resinous notes. This is only common with Arabian and middle eastern musk perfumes. it is important to understand the fact that simply comparing floral to musk perfumes cannot really produce a conclusive result since it all comes down to wearer’s personal choice. taking into consideration the fact that there are usually several perfume released all of the time and with adverts portraying each one as the must have, choosing or identifying the one which suits your personal preference might prove to be such a daunting task. Personally I love doing things the easy way and for that reason I will share with you how to point out what you like when it comes to choosing perfumes. Try as many choices as you possible can note what is distinct about each option. personally, as long as a fragrance smells good, still diffuse on me after a couple of hours and above all else does not seem to give me a headache then it is the one I will settle for. this being regardless of whether it is floral, woody or oriental perfume.

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