Lalique perfume bottles – Beautiful Works of Art

The limited editions of lalique perfume bottles are currently a hot commodity. This is clearly evident and is also supported by the fact that even Hollywood celebrities and icons from all over the world are rushing to own one. These perfume bottles are only occasionally available for purchase and just to make it clear they are worth the fuss.

At the moment, there is a mind boggling array of perfume brands present in the market. Interesting thing is, each and every one of the perfumes has certain characteristics and trademarks meant to make them easily distinguishable from other perfumes. Looking back to the ancient times, perfume or sweet scent was considered as a luxury that only royals could afford. As strange as it may sound, to date, it is still within the realm of the wealthy since the wealthy can greatly influence trends in perfume and scent.

lalique perfumes which are contained in bottles with lalique brand are by far one of the most common and beloved fragrances at the moment. This is supported by the fact that initially the bottles were designed and created by Rene Jules lalique, a skilled glasswork artist and jewellery designer from France. He made a name for himself for creating several magnificent objects d’art as a result bringing new perspective to ordinary items such as chandeliers, clocks, vases and in this case perfume bottles.

The main thing which makes these bottles so unique is their intricate bottle design. You will agree and support the fact that most perfumes are mainly sought after mainly because of the way in which they smell or better yet simply because of the popularity of the brand. Well that is not entirely the case with lalique. The main reason why most people have developed a high preference for the lalique perfume is mainly because its bottles were artistic, extremely innovative and characteristic of an artistic design.

It is equally worth noting that these bottles are celebrated by their collectors all over the world. Just so you know, master lalique started making the perfume bottles after hitting 50 years of age. Although he started creating lalique perfume bottles late in life, he is credited for having managed to come up with an impressive number of original perfume bottles. Unfortunately he passed away in 1945 but his perfume bottles alongside several other works of his still live on to date and continues to be considered as the most revered amongst collectors. it is important to understand the fact that even though lalaique bottles may smell as good as other scents, it is a generally accepted fact that most people buy the perfume not entirely because of its sweet fragrance but for the bottle as well.

Everything taken into consideration, it is clearly evident from the above that lalique perfume is not just your regular run off the mill perfume. This is because they are generally considered as a work of art. Simply put, years from today, lalique perfume bottle would still continue to hold a place of honor in the premium perfume sector.

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