Meet the producers of Cartier perfume

They say that a man’s creation is a true picture of themselves and this the house of Cartier, the designers of Cartier perfume have proved it. For those who have had a chance to use any of their fragrances, you will agree with me that they ooze nothing but greatness. So far, there are approximately 13 brands of Cartier fragrances, six for women and 7 for men. From all these 13 brands, I have been unable to point out the least one of them for they are truly nothing short of greatness. They just keep outdoing themselves with each new brand that they design, bringing out greatness after greatness with each new brand, a concept that many other perfumers have failed to master. I don’t know how they do it but whichever recipe they read from, I would like to lay my hands on one someday.

Sometimes I tend to think maybe they got it from their watch making business. I mean the precision that is in those Cartier perfume bottles will leave you wondering how long it takes to master such a skill. Some of you will call it pure luck but before you do that I think you will need to convince how one can be lucky not once or twice but with all the 13 brands that continue soaring high each and every day. This is exactly where you separate luck and professionalism that is coated with ambition and determination. I believe that to come up with such a greatness in such large amounts will need burning litres of midnight oil, doing tests after tests and whatever else perfumers do. If you have never tried any of those fragrances, please do and then we will see if you will concur with me or not. It literally does bring out the French poetry in it.

You may think that am overdoing it when I speak about the greatness of the Cartier house but am sure you will think differently when you sample out their other products. Apart from the Cartier perfume, the Cartier house also makes other products. Their watches and jewelries have been in the market for several years now. Louis Cartier, a pioneer of this great company did not only make timepieces but also helped in revolutionizing them. Some little research about him will tell you that he pocket watch enthusiast, a passion that led him to this line of business. This was way before they had even thought of coming up with their own line of perfumes. He was one of the few who introduced the world to wrist watches. Though they were first made by Patek Philippe, Cartier is the person that made them popular. Through a request from Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviation pioneer he dove into the world of watchmaking. Ever since that time, Cartier and his relatives have run a successful business in jewelry and watch making. These two products and the perfume have drove the Cartier business to its peak and hopefully they will continue inventing more in future.

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