Shalimar Perfume for Women by Guerlain

Shalimar perfume is made using synthetic fragrant oil extracts which are diluted in water or sometimes in high grade alcohol. Just so you know, it is the dilution of these oiled extracts which help determine the strength of the Shalimar perfume as well as the signature lasting power of the scent.

Shalimar perfume comprises of many different scents. These scents are usually referred to as fragrance notes. The top notes are usually extremely light and only able to last for a few minutes. The middle notes on the other hand are usually only apparent approximately 15 minutes after application. In some cases they can even last for hours. The bottom notes however are the main focus, they are the longest lasting having been noted to stick around for several hours.

Shalimar perfumes tend to last much longer compared than others. People who have dry skin have been noted to find their Shalimar perfume holding time to be shorter compared to those who have oily skin. This is mainly because oily skin has been found to have more natural moisture necessary for holding the fragrance. Just so you know the amount of acidity in our skin varies from one person to the next. It is therefore our individual PH level which helps determine how each constituent ingredient of the perfume reacts once applied.

  Is there any way to make Shalimar perfume last longer? first off, it is very important to understand the fact that a perfume will last longer on some people while it last for a short while on other people’s skin. Taking into consideration the above, in order to achieve a longer lasting effect, it is strongly advised that your Shalimar should be layered. More specifically, using the Shalimar bath gel, powder or moisturizer before applying the actual fragrance will go a long way in helping create the much desired long lasting effect.  also try as much as possible to apply the perfume low on your body allowing for the scent to rise.

 Another interesting thing about Shalimar perfume is the fact that it contains alcohol. It is the alcohol which serves to make the perfume emanate from the skin. Simply put, without the alcohol, you would be the only person who had any idea that you put on any perfume. Another key area of concern for many people has been keeping Shalimar perfume from going bad. The best way to make sure of this is to keep the perfume stored in a cool dry place far from windows. Doing this is crucial to ensuring that the perfume has a longer shelf life since exposure to sunlight and heat can unbalance Shalimar ingredients. In short, any opened Shalimar bottle should always be kept back in its box in order to ensure its long shelf life.

In addition to all of the above, you will also be glad to learn that Shalimar perfume for women is readily available for sale at discounted prices. What’s more, there is free shipping and insurance offered for every purchase. There are also no hidden charges and no limit set for placing orders.

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