The famous hanaemori perfume

You may be looking for a perfume that will fit your feminine taste but you will never stop until you get to Hanae Mori perfume. This is one great fragrance that is comparable to none other from its package style to the contents in the package. You just need a whiff of that scent to know that this is something different, something that you have never encountered before. It is richly scented to ensure that once you get started on it, you will never stop for it is just in a class of its own. You will get hooked to that scent, not in a way that you will need a rehab, but in a way that you will get a different sense of confidence and feeling once you start using it. This is that type of perfume that will make you believe in yourself and feel more feminine. It will actually make you fall in love with yourself.

The Hanae Mori perfume saw its birth in one bright sunny day in 1966. It is on this glorious day that its maker, filled with passion to make women more adorable came up with this great fragrance. Seeing that it has gone through the test of time means that this was one of the greatest inventions of that time which I bet will outlive most of us. Bearing the name of its creator, the fragrance has for sure carried the spirit of Hanae Mori who gave all to ensure that you as a woman will live to appreciate her efforts. From her small cottage in Japan, Hanae Mori ensured that hers was a fashion statement that will never decay, not even after 50 years through this innovative world. It has managed to lodge itself there at the top of the best fragrances list staying unshakeable even after all these years.

For all the new comers, don’t worry on what you should look out for when you are out there trying to locate the greatest innovation, the Hanae Mori perfume. Just think of that pretty insect that is always out looking for the best smelling flowers and voila! You will get it there. Am talking about the butterfly, for those who dropped along the way. After coming up with her greatest invention she thought of the best way that she could have it packaged and what was the best way than packaging it in a beautiful symbolic package? The perfume is always sold in a glass bottle that has a bottle top which is delicately designed in the form of a butterfly that has folded its wings. So there you have it. A package that will give you a mixture of flowers and berries with some tone of almond and strawberries because those are its main ingredients. Try as much as you will to mix these scents on your own but coming up with what lady Hanae Mori made 50 years ago will be nothing short of a miracle. If you have never tried it, this is the time.

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