The history of gardenia perfume

Mention gardenia and you will have mentioned love in all its a thousand and one forms. Presently, there are hundreds if not thousands of gardenia perfume brands that come in different names and formats. Its history is so deep, almost untraceable as it runs down to when it was used in its raw form that is the flower itself. Several designers can trace their break through from this source of fragrance and it seems they are not yet done as new brands keep popping up in our markets each and every day. Although they may look different, it is important to note that these perfumes have something common in them and this is not their designer nor their distributor(s). as much as you may try, you will never be able to get that underlying common factor because each of them is so different from the other, maybe because of design or ingredients.

Am pretty sure that somebody somewhere thinks that all perfumes that are labelled gardenia perfume trace their roots to one single factory but am sorry to burst that bubble for you. Those who understand will tell you that they derive their name from the source of the fragrance. Unfortunately most of them will carry that name even though they derive nothing from the most respected plant that gave life to this fragrance and some of them will have very little of its contents not to qualify to carry its name but they do anyway. We can say it is one of the most corrupted brand as different people come up with different formulas that are way past the original scent. If you really know the gardenia plant, it will be hard for you to find a perfume that carries its original scent. This doesn’t mean that they are not there, but you will really have to do some searching.

All said about the gardenia perfume, which is this plant and what made it so famous to warrant such a wide following? The Gardenia is really a shrub which is so famous from its flowers, actually, most people will not think beyond the flower when you mention it. It traces its origin to the eastern Asia and specifically Japan, China and Taiwan. It borrowed its name from Alexander Garden who was a physician in South Carolina and a correspondent to Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist. Though most of the gardenias will have creamy white petals, there are some that are colored velvety white and ivory. Some will have any of those colors but yellow centered. Their beautifully colored petals plus their fragrance made them very popular with romantic applications in the past and in the modern world. They have been known as a symbol of love for quite a while. They are also used to mean a person is lovely. Their wide applications in the past in the name of love can be taken as the genesis of the gardenia perfume. With their good fragrance, a good perfume that has been really derived from it is one of the best gifts that you can give to your mate.

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