The road to masculinity with Royal Copenhagen cologne

I don’t know how men did it before it was born, I don’t know what cologne they used to wear but what I know for sure is that the Royal Copenhagen cologne is here now and is here to stay. Come 1970 and somebody realized that there was something that has been missing from the life of men. This great guy took it upon himself to redeem this species which was otherwise bound to destruction with the one basic thing that has since been the signature of a real man. With precision and commitment he came up with not one or two but a whole bunch of men’s beauty products which has been increasing in number and quality with time just like wine in a cellar. The Royal Copenhagen has gone on to survive the tides brought about by all the inventions that are born daily not because the designer was a powerful figure or because it was forced down the throat of men but because it is a great product that is widely accepted globally.

Swank was the company name that came up with the Royal Copenhagen cologne. Though it has gone through some evolution, it was still as great as it is right now though some people will argue otherwise but you cannot dispute somebody’s taste. Ask any woman who came across the original Royal Copenhagen and they will tell you that this fragrance was so great that most of them could not resist the urge to wear it themselves, no wander its figurine is made in a form that shows a woman drinking from a man, in lighter note. With time Swank went under and its place came Five Star Fragrances which was basically the same company with a different name. This did little to this king brand though it was reinvented with some little change to its composition.

The new formula of the Royal Copenhagen cologne has survived more years than its predecessor. It still sells great owing to its great composition. It is actually one of a king, a fragrance that will take you through different tastes when you wear it. If you are one gentleman with some ton of attitude and won’t mind some spiced powdery scents, then this cologne was made just for you. If you are not, dislike it not yet because under that powdery scent lies more and it takes patience to get to this sweeter taste. Many people who misjudge it always regret when they get a whiff of its middle and base notes which luckily are the longer lasting scents that you will get from it. Upon application the fragrance will eventually wear down to a tobacco blossom scent which latter paves way to a powdered leather scent that is gently spiced. That is the journey that you will experience with this great fragrance and what can be more masculine than that? If you will like it, there are many other products that fly under the same wing and am pretty sure you will like them too.

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