Top Women perfume

It is not secret that women love perfume and the best way to show this is to imagine the wide selection of the perfumes which are designed and sold with women in mind. If you are looking for the top women perfume, you will not go wrong with a few of the well known brands.

Coco Chanel is one of the hottest brands of the perfumes for women that we have around. It is a household name and no woman worth her salt would miss to have it in beer closet for that special occasion.

Dolce and Cabana is yet another household name when it comes to the perfumes. Women troop to the perfume stores to buy this brand because it is known the world over for its transformative abilities.

Victor and Rolf is one of the top women perfume that will help you to make a personal statement in very powerful way and in fact has enabled women to go far.

Ever heard Christian Dior? Well, this is one of the most powerful household names today and there is every reason to invest I n this household name. It pays to be loyal to some brands and especially where it means being identified by certain brands. This explains why some people will never use any other brand except the one that they are known to use.

Philosophy caps our top women perfume   and is k own as one of the top perfumes in the world today. Whilst still at it, it is important to point the following salient points on why women prefer the top women perfume as mentioned above and not any other.


The word reputation has been deliberately used here because a brand must earn a good reputation. It should be consistent and offer quality that every woman is looking for. There is no doubt that every woman would want to be identified with quality brand that has the best reputation.


Women are very particular when it comes to certain brands. This has a lot to do with what they derive from it. Reputation alone is not enough and this explains why some women go for the fragrance that is given off. The scent must be distinct and create the desired aura around them.

You can bet that one will easily identify a women wearing coco Chanel in a lift than one wearing any other.


There is no denying the face that though so much may be said about the perfumes, quality is one thing that can never be compromised. The designers of these perfumes are well aware of this fact that, the more the reason why they invest in the latest technology to ensure that women get the perfume that are of the highest quality. There is no doubt that if one is looking for quality, then quality is what one will find.


The last issue that stands out is on the ingredients. Obviously, they must be the lavender, roses and the other spices of highest possible quality.

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