What Cologne fragrance says about you

When it comes to the cologne fragrance, one will find that there are different fragrances available for men and women. The reason why the fragrances are made differently is because they are suited for men and women to suit for various occasions.

One cannot buy a cologne fragrance for the sake of it. There is need to carry out a background check on the message conveyed in the fragrance. For instance, there is a kind of a fragrance that is totally flirtatious and if one wears it, the person next to you will definitely know that you want their attention and in particular a person of the opposite sex.

Men and women send subtle signs and hints through the perfumes, fragrances and the scents they wear from the sexy to the overly seductive ones. One will feel the romance in the air. There is also the air of sophistication to that of strong feeling of authority in one’s aura. Though subtle, the person next to you will make a lot of meanings out of the cologne fragrance.

Does it mean that one should choose their fragrance based on certain moods? The answer is definitely on the affirmative and there is no doubt that one will make a statement from the fragrance they are wearing. One needs to be careful because in some cases, there is tendency to be misunderstood. For instance, if you are not seductively attracted to someone, then they will receive mixed signals about your intentions and this may turn out to be repulsive to them when they are drawn to you whilst you are trying to pull away from them.

It makes a lot  of sense that one should be keen on the kind of  the fragrances they are buying especially  bearing in mind the fact  the fragrance have the capacity  to convey so many meanings to so many people. The reality on the ground is that one needs to carry out a personal audit on the kind of aura they want to create around themselves.

If you are in a position of authority such as that of a CEO, you would definitely want the juniors to recognize authority without actually touching or seeing it. Your presence is felt in the board meetings and in the company as a whole. This can only be achieved if one takes that bold step of wearing a cologne or perfume that has that air of authority. If one wears one that has a romantic feeling, then the other staff in the company might think this is what you are conveying and obviously this will not auger well with the management who want to feel the distinction between the strictly business approach as opposed to the more amorous stance you are taking.

In a dating scene, one would want to wear a more amorous tone and none other than what is found in these bottles of colognes and perfumes. Thankfully, one will not be disappointed as they are bound to pass a romantic message.

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