What to look for in good cologne for men

There is something about the good cologne for men that one will not fail to notice. They are not good for the sake of it. They are defined by a number of characteristics that we shall see here.


No matter how good cologne is, it must have a certain scent that will cause the scent to turns heads. Well, men need not turn heads as women do but specifically must offer one the attention that one wants. If for instance one wants to get the attention from a beautiful lady, then the cologne is the answer. Good cologne for men should have that attractive scent that is subtle but still sensual in a way.

The fragrance should be manly or masculine at every turn. Unfortunately, some people abuse the strength of the fragrance that is desired in men. In effect, one ends up achieving less and especially if when they overdo. In this sense, one should look for fragrances from the rose, lavender, Burberry and such like.


There is no denying the fact that a good cologne for men is as good as the brand name.; Such brands like Giorgio Armani,Dior,Versace and such have become household names for the reason that they have captured the imagination of the men.

These brands are available for both men and women. Though there are unisex ones, sometimes having a scent that is distinctively masculine helps and this is where foresight counts. It is well understood that good cologne for men need necessary be a good brand. There are less known brands whose authenticity may be difficult to verify.

The cost

Much may be said about the colognes but cost is one important factor that we should all be conscious of. The more costly ones may turn off many prospective buyers. The cheaper ones may not have the long lasting scents that are desirable. What should one do then? The underlying point is that one should strive to ensure that they strike a perfect balance between the cost and value.

The discounted cost and the free delivery will all help one to get value for money hence a worthwhile effort. In essence, one should seek to get the best that is also within one’s budget. This is a feat that can easily be achieved.

The quality

The quality of cologne is an important aspect especially since being good means a lot. For instance, the highest possible quality is one thing that distinguishes one cologne from the next.


How long should cologne last after being applied? Well, this could be relative as in terms of the usage habits, the amount applied and so on. However, the reality is that on standard usage, one should be able to continue using it for a long time. If it is applied on the skin, then it should

‘Hang’ around on the skin for a reasonable length of time. The fact t is that it should be one that holds out for goodness sake.

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